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A phone call recorder solution for Android.
AllCallRecorder allows you to record incoming and outgiong calls on your Andorid phone. It saves telephone conversations in 3gp files. You can send recorded calls via bluetooth, e-mail, etc

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Privacy Policy

AllCallRecorder does not collect or transfer any data to us or to any third party apart from the circumstances explained below.

AllCallRecorder uses your phone’s microphone to record phone calls. All records are stored locally. AllCallRecorder does not transfer any records to us or to any third party.

Required to write recorded phone calls to external storage. AllCallRecorder does not transfer any user personal information to us or to any third party.

Required to automatically start and stop record phone calls. AllCallRecorder does not transfer any user personal information to us or to any third party.

AllCallRecorder uses your contacts to show recorded calls in more convenient way. AllCallRecorder does not transfer any user personal information to us or to any third party.

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  1. It would be nice to have an ability not just record all of calls, but start it manually as well. I'd like to see an icon in Status bar (Notifications), taping in should start recording.

    Coz I don't want all of my calls recorded.

  2. hi and thanks for developing this great app. it works fine for me but seems to stop recoding randomly (sometimes after 10 sec sometimes after 40 secs) - any idea why
    i have a ZTE blade and used it both on Eclair and Froyo

  3. Very great program, after fixing the call recording issue of my galaxy S, it worked well. But there is only one issue,
    AllCallRecorder doesn't play records when I click on them. Says "Can't playback file xxxxxxxxx.3gp"

  4. Perfect on ZTE-BLADE
    Thank you very much for AllCallRecorder: slim, no frill, but extremely good to record BOTH sides of the conversation. I would like to support your development, but there is no link for any donation on the market page!
    Thanks from Italy, Chimera.

  5. Doesn't work on rooted Droid 1, 2, or X. Anybody know if it works on any other Verizon phone?

  6. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

  7. программа хорошая, но не пишет с Bluetooth гарнитуры. Если это устранить то цены ей не будет!

  8. I have used this program for many months. It used to work great. Since the last update - it does not automatically start recording right at the beginning of the call, it chops calls up into several files with missing gaps, and I cannot hear the other person AT ALL.
    Motorola Defy/MB525 - 2.2.1 - build 3.4.2-107_JDN-9

  9. Было бы здорово, если бы записи автоматически отправлялись по почте.

  10. Hi,
    How can I export the info (caller name and timestamp and filename) so
    I could move it to an external repository for safety of the recordings ?

  11. Hi,
    A friend of mine recommended your program as a great program for recording calls. I installed it on my HTC Sensation but when I try choosing "Record other party voice" I get "Unfortunatel, your phone does not support recroding other party voice". Is there anything I can do about it? Thank you!

  12. Fuck off. From 1.31 it contains Trojan "airpush". So greedy and so stupid. You just completely lost your reputation, fucken morons.

  13. Ref: All Call Recorder :
    Go on Samsung Galaxy Note:GT-N7000 (Android 2.3.6.) ?

  14. Could we recover the auto-deleted files from this app??

  15. I need same application and with password to open system . can help me .

  16. After I updated my S5 to lollipop recordings the other partys voice aint working. In kitkat 4.4.2 ot worked just fine. And now i get the message "Unfortunatly your phone does not support the recording of the other partys voice"

    How come?

  17. Is it suitable for recording skype conversations on a tablet or is it only for phone calls? It is not available in google market for my tablet model. Which models is it for?

  18. Hi there ! I have HTC M 8. Most of recorded calls l can hear only my voice. Only sometimes l can hear and the caller's voice. Can u explain to me what l can do ?

  19. I have Android maxx - I accidentally deleted some conversations that were mislabeled. Is there anyway I can retrieve these? I tried using the Yodot app but it will not connect to either of my Android Maxx phones - it doesn't bring up the option for Enable Mass Storage - only MTP and TPT. Both of those work and I can open the phone in Windows and manually see the existing file but not sure what folder to go to in order to find the files I deleted. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

  20. Hi I'm using Tecno c8 and it show me that my phone is not support this app please what I'm I going to do?

  21. I miss my recod call can u give me my recoding calls