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Car Log & Parking Location

Car Log & Parking Location for your car and Android phone.

How it works:

Every time you start and stop your car engine, your Android phone connects and disconnects to your car bluetooth, and CarLog remembers your car location and your trips.

You do not need to manually touch buttons to save your car location. All you need to do is link your phone to your car bluetooth.

You can build route to your car with any map and navigation app.

This is connected car and car finder application without any dongle.



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A DVR and GPS tracker for Android.
VideoRoad is 2in1 tool: it records what you see through your car windshield and records GPS-track.

Install VideoRoad

Privacy Policy

VideoRoad uses your phone's camera, microphone and location to record trips. All records are stored locally. VideoRoad does not transfer any records and user personal information to us or to any third party.


A phone call recorder solution for Android.
AllCallRecorder allows you to record incoming and outgiong calls on your Andorid phone. It saves telephone conversations in 3gp files. You can send recorded calls via bluetooth, e-mail, etc

Install AllCallRecorder

Privacy Policy

AllCallRecorder uses phone's microphone and phone state to automatically record phone calls. 
AllCallRecorder uses user contacts to show recorded calls in more convenient way.
All records are stored locally. AllCallRecorder does not transfer any records and user personal information to us or to any third party.


GpsFix helps to decrease the time required to obtain a position fix. It keeps GPS receiver turned on until location is fixed.

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