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A DVR and GPS tracker for Android.
VideoRoad is 2in1 tool: it records what you see through your car windshield and records GPS-track.

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Privacy Policy

VideoRoad does not collect or transfer any data to us or to any third party apart from the circumstances explained below.

VideoRoad uses your phone’s camera to record trips video. All records are stored locally. VideoRoad does not transfer any records to us or to any third party.

VideoRoad uses your phone’s microphone to record video with sound. All records are stored locally. VideoRoad does not transfer any records to us or to any third party.

VideoRoad uses your phone's location to record a gps log that corresponds to your video containing location and speed information.

Required to write recorded video to external storage. VideoRoad does not transfer any user personal information to us or to any third party.

7 комментариев:

  1. Excellent program. I've been looking for such thing and either I am hopeless at searching or this is the only working application for Android that allows you to record movies with GPS track and speed shown... It would be great if the author would further develop the application, km/h option would be nice, I also wouldn't mind a better quality of the video recording, even in a paid version.

  2. Menu -> preferences -> use metric units
    It is not so obvious:)

  3. Too bad there is NO menu AT ALL on HTC Desire HD... If there was, then maybe I'd find some options that would make this program even better (improved video quality, possibility to embed the speed and GPS track to one video and export it)...

    Wishful thinking :)

  4. куда пропало все видео??? как восстановить его? в кэш-памяти оно осталось, но комп его не видит!! как его выцарарать оттуда???

  5. Is it possible to export the video so I can upload it to youtube?

  6. Pls update the app so we can upload the data to computer and see the journey with map over through it with some software(example: carbox player)